Are you done writing yet...?

I'm Mallory—author and derelict walker of a dog who'd really like to be outside right now. As cliché as it sounds, I've been a lifelong reader and writer. My first "published" book was an in-depth, illustrated retelling of the extinction of Eohippus told in graphic detail by my 9-year-old self, which my mother still trots out to embarrass me, and I was the girl at the library checking out a stack of books I could barely carry on a weekly basis. I still can never seem to find enough shelf space for those new books I definitely needed. Thank goodness for e-books!

Monsters have always fascinated me. They reflect the deepest emotions of the human mind, from our darkest terrors to our strongest longings. Monsters can represent freedom from societal constraints, passions ranging from violence to sex, and the things we fear the most. Those who hold their hands out to the monsters allow the imagination to run wild. When it comes to writing, I gravitate towards stories of the nonhuman, and my fascination with character-driven stories lured me into writing romance.

Plus, let's face it: monsters are hot!

Though I spent many years as a nomad, currently I reside on the East Coast of the U.S., living surrounded by trees and with a creek running through my backyard. I share my home with my two beautiful borzoi and three cranky Rhode Island Reds who own the place. The owl in the oak-bole keeps an eye on me, too.

Writing is a solitary process, but I love to connect with people. Conversation is the spark of life! I love to hear from readers, so I encourage you to send me a message. Like any other creator, discovering that someone enjoys my work will leave me glowing all day!

Happy reading! — Mallory