Monsters of Faery

dark fantasy romance, interlinked standalones, male monster x human woman

Taken from the human world by a monstrous fae prince, Leah makes a bargain with her captor: a year and a day in his presence for the chance at freedom. Facing assassins, political intrigue, and a ruthless Queen, she'll have to choose whether to align with the Beast who captured her—or betray him.

slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, touch her and die, grumpy/sunshine

Content Warnings: alcohol use, blood, death, fire, gore, infertility, kidnapping, murder, poisoning, profanity, PTSD, rape (mention), sexual assault (offscreen), sexually explicit scenes, sexual harassment, starvation, torture (mention), violence, war

When a chance meeting on a battlefield reveals Lilly to be the soulmate of the deadly half-fae, half-manticore Raven Prince, she's given a chance at escaping her life-debt to Stag Court. But all fae bargains have teeth, and this one is no exception...

enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, touch her and die, dark secret, divided loyalties

Content Warnings: alcohol use, animal death (mention), blood, death, gore, kidnapping, paralysis, poisoning, profanity, PTSD flashbacks, racism, sexually explicit scenes, sexual harassment, suffocation, violence, war


As one of the rare humans born in Faery, Isabela cherishes her freedom. But when an attempted assassination of the half-dragon Duke of Nyx Shaeras goes wrong, she trades her life to save her father's—and discovers that the Flame of Faery is far more than he seems.

slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, secret relationship, mating heat

Content Warnings: ableism, abuse aftermath (emotional), alcoholism, alcohol use, blood, body dysphoria, death, fire, gore, infertility, murder, prejudice, profanity, prostitution (mention), racism, sexually explicit scenes, slavery, surgical mutilation (mention), violence

Echoes of the Void

epic high fantasy romance, interlinked standalones, male monster x human woman

Fleeing capture by a controlling wizard, Safira takes a position as a gardener at one of the remote, sorcerous Spires. Despite her fear of beautiful men, she is drawn to the beguiling, shapeshifting water-horse of the caldera lake. But can love overcome the greed of an elemental?

slow burn, possessive male, forbidden love, shifter male

Content warnings: abuse aftermath (domestic, emotional, physical), animal death (mention), death, drowning, human experimentation (mention), murder, panic attack, profanity, PTSD flashbacks, self-harm, sexually explicit scenes

Desperate to protect the world from the shattered sky, a powerful sorceress summons a familiar for aid. She expects a cat—something simple. Something safe.

Escaping death on the battlefield, an incubus answers instead. 

slow burn, forced proximity, hurt/comfort, unrequited love, shifter male, she's the boss

Content Warnings: alcohol use, blood, death, fire, hospitalization, human experimentation (mention), murder, needles, opioid use (medical), poisoning, profanity, prostitution (mention), PTSD, sexism, sexually explicit scenes, violence, vivisection (mention), war

Raised as an unseelie fae, the changeling Sersha finds herself bound to a part-dragon sorcerer when he saves her life. There's no way out except for saving his life in turn—but what can one human woman hope to do that a sorcerer cannot?

slow burn, mutual pining, only one bed, only one horse, stabby FMC

Content Warnings: ableism, alcohol use, assault, blood, bullying, death, depression, gore, hospitalization, masturbation, misgendering, murder, needles, physical abuse, poisoning, profanity, prostitution (mention), PTSD, sexually explicit scenes, suicide (mention), torture, transphobia, violence


The job should have been simple. Get in, slay the dragon, and end the hunting season with plenty of gold. But what you don't know can definitely hurt you—and when Hui-Seun encounters a half-dragon mage instead of her quarry, her life's about to get much more interesting.

enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, captivity

Content Warnings: animal death (mention), assault, blood, dubious consent (mention), fire, gambling, kidnapping, profanity, prostitution (mention), racism, sexism (mention), sexually explicit scenes, violence